The Council of Faroese Artists (LISA) is the national association of Faroese artists’ unions and was established in 1982. The council’s goal is to strengthen the role and position of the arts and artists in cultural-political contexts, to work for common interests and rights, and to represent its members in matters that are of common interest to all members. Furthermore, the council is to represent Faroese artists in Nordic and international contexts. 

Eleven Faroese artists’ unions are members of the council, each having one delegate in its assembly. The delegates’ assembly is LISA’s final authority. The executive committee consists of three persons chosen by the delegates at the annual general meeting. It is responsible for LISA’s day to day operations. The secretary takes care of communications and accounts. Faroese as well as foreign artists may rent the artists’ residence in Tjørnuvík. 

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write to the secretary at